8th Nov 2006

Chester Wheelchair Jets Match Report


 Match report is by Cath Spencer - Club Chairperson. Dan Spencer is from Gwespyr,             Flintshire, Nate Williams is from Ellesmere Port and Rob Allerston is from Skelmersdale.   Photos - Dan Spencer (number 5) and Ade Adeptian.  Ade Adepitan is the President of the GBWBA Junior Programme as well as being a TV Presenter and Ex GB Wheelchair basketball player.  


For more information feel free to contact me -   Anna Jackson - Club Captain, Chester Wheelchair Jets      www.chesterwheelchairjets.org.uk/    


Norwich Union Junior Championships 3/4/5 November 2006 Stoke Mandeville Stadium Aylesbury    


The Norwich Union Junior Nationals were held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium this weekend and an excellent show was put on by all contestants.   The North West Junior under 19 and 15 squads were well represented and both squads gave excellent performances throughout the weekend.   Nathaniel Williams represented Chester Wheelchair Jets in the North West under 15's squad and carried the title of vice-captain.


The under 15’s gave an excellent account of themselves by winning all three of their matches on the first day of the tournament and only lost one game throughout the weekend. Six wins one loss left them with a three way tie for first place and so all three teams were awarded gold.   Robert Allerston and Daniel Spencer both represented Chester Wheelchair Jets in the North West under 19’s squad and gave an excellent account of them selves throughout the weekend.


The competition was fierce and the bar was raised yet again by these fine young athletes. North West juniors under 19’s squad came away from the competition triumphant in third position with Bronze. Team work and hard work dedication and respect allowed them to bond as a team and that showed on the court.  


 Robert Allerston gave an excellent farewell performance for the Northwest Juniors in his final year on the squad and receiving a Bronze medal made all the hard work worth while.   Congratulations to all three members of the Chester Wheelchair Jets you played hard and well and you have every right to be proud.   The team from the east midlands arrived at the tournament with a player short for their under 19’s squad and so it is with much pride that I can report that the members of the North West under19’s squad gave east midlands a helping hand and the players rotated throughout the tournament and played for the east midlands whenever they had a match.


This was a particularly difficult position for Daniel Spencer to find himself in as he teamed up with the east midlands and was playing opposite his own team the Northwest. Despite this Daniel played excellent basketball throughout the 30 minutes and he played loyally for the east midlands only losing by a small margin to the North West.   Sportsmanship is a watchword these young men know all about and understand fully.


It makes for exciting sport when these young athletes go on court because you know there is an ultimate fairness in their play and attitude. The watch word for the Northwest Juniors as it is for many teams is, 'There is no I in team!' This has been bourn out time and again this weekend each time the players have gone on court.  


Congratulations again on your medal positions and I look forward to more of the same next year.   Cath Spencer Chairperson Chester Wheelchair Jets Treasurer      North West Juniors


Mwy na gem, trawsnewid bywyd

Mwy na gem, trawsnewid bywyd


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