14th Nov 2006

Scots overthrow Chester

Chester traveled to Lothian in beautiful Scotland and played in what can
only be described as a fridge in a hall that was so cold you could have kept
your drinks well chilled but on the other hand the reception from the
players and staff of Lothian was excellent which warmed even the coldest
heart (and body)

Chester were without their influential players Billy Flanagan, who it
appears will be out for the rest of the season and Christine Doyle our
recent signing from Ireland and so the players who did travel were asked to
step up their games, which they did.

The Jets got off to a flying start with the excellent Anna Jackson scoring
the first 2 points and Dave Robertson and Caroline Ballard following up
before Stephen Duff of Lothian replied. The quarter was then very open with
both teams missing easy baskets and yet scoring more difficult shots and so
the quarter finished:

Lothian 12 Jets 12

The 2nd. Quarter was really the Dave Robertson and Anna Jackson one as they
scored between them 13 points and yet still the Lothian team fought back to
keep the score even and both sides traded baskets of the highest order and
the quarter finished:

Lothian 23 Jets 25

After a rather long half time period where players were getting cold waiting
for the restart the Jets came out of the blocks with Anna, Dave and Caroline
all scoring without reply and so the Jets went into a 9 points lead until
Lothian stuck a press on the opposition and the Jets team slightly buckled
under the pressure as still Lothian kept plugging away and Chester replying
with more scores and this was a very exciting quarter for both team and so
the score finished:

Lothian 35 Jets 38

The start of the 4th. quarter saw Lothian score 8 points without any reply
from Chester until Dave Robertson got the Jets back on the scoreboard and
still Lothian came and Caroline Ballard then replied to their points with 2
excellent baskets and in the last minute the score was tied at 44 points.
Then Stephen Duff had 2 free throws and scored one of them to put Lothian
slightly ahead. Then the Jets had the ball overturned twice in their offence
and so they lost the game by a point and showed their disappointment as they
left the court and so the score finished:

Lothian 45 Jets 44

Scorers: D.Robertson 25, Anna Jackson 11, Caroline Ballard 8

Team A. Jackson, D.Robertson, C. Ballard, R.Allerston, A. Hickey, P.Grimes,

Peter Barron the Chester Coach was very positive in his comments after the
game when he said "Although we lost the game I saw some excellent play from
my weakened team and I could not ask for anymore than they gave me as they
stood up to the challenge very well and each player gave their all and
really what more can a coach ask for' And also under pressure they slightly
buckled but I can only put that down to inexperience in some players who
have never played in such a tight game. Lothian didn't win the game today,
Chester lost the game and I can see the result been reversed when Lothian
come to Darland later in the season. But I must pay Rob Allerston particular
praise as he played his heart out when he knew he had to stay on the court
for the full game due to lack of low pointers on the bench.


Tags: Wheelchair Basketball

Mwy na gem, trawsnewid bywyd

Mwy na gem, trawsnewid bywyd


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