6th Feb 2020

2020 WCMX and Adaptive Skate Jam

On the 21st March between 6pm & 10pm the 2020 UK WCMX and Adaptive Skate Jam takes place in the at Graystone Action Sports in Salford, Manchester hosted by Womens WCMX World Champion Lily Rice.

WCMX or Wheel Chair Moto Cross is a new para sport that involves taking your wheelchair to the Skatepark and doing tricks on it. This year we are also reaching out to the community to see whether the UK has any Adaptive Skateboarders that would like to take part.

The aim of the Jam is to get like minded people of any age together that want to experience skating whether in a chair or on a board at one of the UK’s finest skateparks. Participants will need to bring with them suitable safety equipment such as gloves, elbow and knee pads and a helmet and their own wheelchair/ Skateboard. Equipment will need to be mechanically sound. RMA Sport Wheel chairs will be bringing  a few demo WCMX chairs to try but numbers are limited.

There will be Spotters and Pushers to assist riders should they be required. All riders must become a members of Graystone Action Sports which is simple and free.


Participants must also complete the registration sign up forms by contacting info@lilyricewcmx.com prior to the event. There will be a £10 entry free payable on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Mwy na gem, trawsnewid bywyd

Mwy na gem, trawsnewid bywyd


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